Neck & Arm Pain

Neck & arm pain are two of the most common problems that lead people to seek chiropractic care and is one of the most important areas to be addressed.  The neck houses many nerves that effect all areas of the  body, specifically the arms and shoulders.  With our increased use of technology, such as computers, cell phones, laptops, etc., these neck, arm and shoulder problems have become more prevalent: Actually leading to a new diagnosis called “Tech Neck”. Tech Neck is a condition that develops from the neck being bent forward for long periods of time, causing strain on the muscles and ligaments as well as causing eventual damage to the disc.  It is important to get checked, especially teenagers to prevent long term damage.

Common Symptoms:

  • weakness
  • numbness
  • arm pain
  • carpal tunnel syndrome
  • “Tech Neck”
  • stiffness
  • ringing in the ears
  • wrist pain
  • elbow pain
  • nervousness

Recommended Exams:

  •  postural assessment
  • temposcope
  • cervical palpation
  • neck range of motion
  • grip strength
  • arm reflexes
  • x-rays if necessary

“I have studied and approached the neck very carefully, and I know that this area is very sensitive and the source of a lot of peoples discomfort and at times chronic pain. In my own experience, I myself have had bad adjustments to my neck. Because of this experience it is of most importance  to me to be thorough. I pay careful attention to detail, gathering all the information needed to get a complete picture of the individuals condition so I can deliver a safe, effective and uniquely tailored adjustment.”

-Dr. Robert O. Katona