Weekly Events

weeklyTotal Muscle Activation Fitness Classes
Tuesdays and Thursdays
1 hour class from 3pm to 4pm
Location: 2861 Grove Way, Castro Valley, CA 94546
Contact: 510-727-0121

Our main weekly events are our Total Muscle Activation Fitness Classes. Total Muscle Activation or TMA is different from traditional exercise classes in that the main focus is helping the client discover the mind muscle connection to build a foundation in exercise that keeps them safe. TMA was born out of a strong desire to help people and a frustration with patients coming to me injured and in pain simply from trying to do the right thing for their health… exercise.

With over 25 years as a practicing chiropractor and studying thousands of x-rays the long term damage from improper exercise is one of the main problems I treat on a daily basis. Through TMA classes you will receive individualized exercise with the attention on strengthening, supporting and protecting the spine while establishing a great foundation so you may safely and confidently pursue your other fitness passions, whether it be yoga, rock climbing, running or competitive sports.