Gonstead Method

Dr. Clarence S. Gonstead was an early developer of chiropractic that analyzed and studied all the methods of chiropractic and drew from it the best techniques of adjusting. Taking the best of what he had learned, he developing a well rounded system that provides the most specific and accurate chiropractic adjustments called the Gonstead Method. Dr. Gonstead’s results were phenomenal and led to him opening the Gonstead Clinic in Mt. Horeb, WI. Patients and Chiropractors travel from all over the world to visit the clinic to get chiropractic care or advance their education on this method.



Gonstead Clinic located in Mt. Horeb, WI.

The Gonstead method consists of conducting a thorough analysis of your spine using 5 criteria to detect your specific spinal problem:

  • x-ray analysis
  • instrumentation
  • static palpation
  • motion palpation
  • visualization

Gonstead Method brochure

Like Dr. Gonstead, Dr. Katona is involved in the advancement of the Gonstead technique, working with various doctors throughout the country, attending seminars at the clinic in Mt. Horeb and advancing the chiropractic profession so that more patients can get the benefit of chiropractic care. Dr. Katona is passionate about seeking the best, most effective care for his patients to ensure quick healing that is time and cost effective.

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